Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim — What doesn’t make sense (Part 1)

The Thalmor


  • First, developers wanted to take you to the College of Winterhold and they had to put some dialogues like that.
  • Second, as most of mages in the college are elves, they hate the place and call them blasphemers.
  • A series of technologies which are even inaccessible for us in real world. Like robotic workers or guardians who can detect enemies very quickly.
  • A very hostile type of creatures, making creepy sounds and have their own type of civilization.
  • A lot of half-built machines working with steam power.
  • A lot of working machines, working with steam power and soul gems.





Computer Hardware Engineer/Musician from Iran

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Muhammadreza Haghiri

Muhammadreza Haghiri

Computer Hardware Engineer/Musician from Iran

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